How do you get visitors to a job fair?

How do you get visitors to a job fair? by OWCareers

Answer by OWCareers:

Before embarking on idea of conducting job fair, you must consider these things in order to get maximum visitors.

Make sure your target customers know what you are offering. For that, you must advertise your program in a manner that will grab their attention.

Start to promote your event long before it is due to happen. Create awareness among your target market. Give them a brief overview of your plan. Brief them about what you are going to offer and what is in there for them or what they are going to get if they attend the fair.

If you have enough money, go for newspapers, TV. Besides, also make effective use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube etc. Do not just stop there, make sure you follow up your investment on these people and keep reminding them that you didn’t forget and have value for you.

Give gifts or incentivize them in some way, either in the form of information they require or something tangible like candies, key chains, chocolates, ball points, key pads, bags or shirts with the corporate logo on them. Be careful in selecting these gifts. Choose gifts according to the status/mindset of your target market.

Use visuals effectively. Use colors, flex boards, neon signs etc to make your message attractive.

Try your best to be affable and friendly even if you are not. Do not make it difficult for people to approach you. Give them proper attention, treat them with care and affection.

To attract visitors, conduct contests and competition among participants of job fair and give them handsome prizes on winning. It will create a buzz among the general public and you can have as many visitors as you expect.

Choose place for your fair carefully. Select a place which is easily accessible by your target market. Make sure they have no problem in parking their vehicles. Make effective security arrangements to give people a sense of safety.

Decorate the place well because there is a chance that some visitors will visit the place due to its facade. Adorn it with roses, balloons and ribbons of different colors.
You can also decorate your job fair attractive with the combination of lights of different colors.

But while doing all this, you must not compromise on giving your target market a sense of professionalism. Do not go too far in decorating your place.

Choose people for your job fair carefully. Have smiling faces who will greet the visitors. Make sure they dress up nicely. Choose people who can converse with people fluently and eloquently.

Don’t use and let your staff use cell phones while dealing with visitors. They will think that you are too busy to address their queries.

Offended customers will spread negative word of mouth which is really detrimental for the repute of the company. Don’t let it happen ever.

How do you get visitors to a job fair?


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