What can I say if I don’t want to reveal my real job to people?

What can I say if I don't want to reveal my real job to people? by OWCareers

Answer by OWCareers:

Sometimes you don’t want to tell people what you actually do. It can be due to multiple reasons. If the people in your social circle know your authority, they can ask for favor of some kind related to your position. Maybe you don’t want them to come over to your workplace to meet you. It also can be due to the fact that you don’t think of your job as the one about which you can brag about.
So here are some solutions if you don’t want to reveal your real job

You can say that you don’t work altogether and that you live with your parents who finance your expenses(you can think of this one either as funny or stupid) or you can also say that you are a student and haven’t started your professional life yet.

What you tell about your job also depends on the person inquiring about your job. Answer according to the caliber/qualification/profession of the person asking. Basically you want to get rid of the discussion about your job, so you don’t want to start another round of discussion by telling something about which he/she already knows about. If you do, discussion will go on. Tell him/her a job about which he/she knows nothing about. So you will save your self of the trouble of involving in a boring discussion.

You can tell about a job about which you knows a lot so that you may answer their queries if they delve into your job position or company. Don’t trap yourself by telling something which they have access easily or know more than you know.

Distract them by starting discussion on an interesting topic. But be very careful while doing that. They should not perceive it as you are deliberately ignoring them or avoiding your question.

What can I say if I don't want to reveal my real job to people?


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