How do I end the loop of being fired / laid-off?

How do I end the loop of being fired / laid-off? by OWCareers

Answer by OWCareers:

There could be a couple of ways to end uncertainty or consolidate your position in the company or be an employee to whom the company would never think of firing.

Most important thing, adjust yourself according to the mood/behavior/attitude of your superior. Be the kind of person he/she wants you to be. A good understanding of your superior will serve you well.

Express your feelings or concerns. Don’t give impression of being dumb or moron while being obedient. Don’t let your boss feel that you are shy of expressing your opinion. Be confident in expressing your opinion but that must not offend your boss. Don’t let the respect escape from your words while expressing your opinion.

Be knowledgeable. You must possess information your boss needs in the decision making process or any other matter. Have knowledge of your industry. Prepare yourself ahead of any such discussion.

Don’t be prey of the attitude problem. Don’t feel hesitation to bring coffee for your boss or doing ordinary work which doesn’t even suits your personality.

Show extra care and diligence. Arrive early and don’t leave before your boss. Though it’s really inconvenient sometimes but it shows your boss that you put in extra effort in your work.

Always dress up nicely.

Complete your tasks or assignments on time. Furnishing your tasks before deadline will surely have a positive impact on your job.

Don’t react, rather try to be proactive. Anticipate a future phenomenon, try to avoid or prepare yourself to cope with it.

Be cooperative/helpful. Always be ready to assist your colleagues.

Be innovative. Impart innovative ideas and suggestions to solve problems.

Strive for excellency. Do your work in the best possible manner to cement your position in the company.

Don’t be “yes sir, no sir” employee. Impart ideas and have an opinion. You must have a point of view of your own but it should be based on logic. You must have facts and figures to support your argument. Elaborate your point of view effectively. Though some superiors don’t like to be opposed, improvise according to the situation.

Gain trust of your boss. You can use legitimate ways as well as ways like adulation to be close to your boss.

How do I end the loop of being fired / laid-off?


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