What does it mean if a person doesn’t want to be on a site like Facebook?

What does it mean if a person doesn't want to be on a site like Facebook? by OWCareers

Answer by OWCareers:

There can be many reasons for a person if he/she does not like to be on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Most important of them is the privacy concern. You have to trust a third party, whether it is Facebook, Twitter etc, to keep your personal information safe, no matter how vigilant it is or how good its reputation is or how good are its security protocols. You are also vulnerable to hacking.

These sites may use your data if they have to. You can’t do anything in this regard.

You are also subject to monitoring. These sites continuously sift through the content of your profile. The act like your parents, telling you what to do and not to do. They have their own standards and policies. Most Companies act according to the culture where they are based. So they approve something and reject something else without asking about your views or opinions.

A person avoiding his/her presence on social networking site may not have the time to spend on these sites or maybe he doesn’t like these sites at all.

Some people can’t tolerate contradicting views. Maybe you can’t bear people commenting on your posts in a manner you despise. That could be a reason for people not being on these sites.

People can impersonate you easily by using your personal data available on these sites. They can know your address, institution, work place, position etc. They know the things like what kind of person you are, what are you feeling, what are your plans for future, what are your interests etc from your timeline.

What does it mean if a person doesn't want to be on a site like Facebook?


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